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Connects to any plumbing & heating system

3E flow works by drawing water out of the pipe when a tap is turned off, returning it to the tank or heat exchanger.

The instant a tap is opened water is delivered directly to the tap. This happens so quickly the effect is instant hot or cold water, to the tap without delay and without spitting or water hammer. The pipes will be empty 99% of the time.

• An empty pipe can neither freeze or leak
• Eliminates the risk of legionella
• Instant hot water
• Lower energy and water consumption
• Leak detection
• Cheaper metering and billing
• IoT advantages

The pipe is filled when a tap is turned on and emptied when the tap is turned off

This means pipes are empty 99% of the time

3E Flow is quick and easy to install. It is best suited for new developments or renovations where the plumbing system is to be replaced.

3E Flow can be integrated in to any plastic piping system for example, PEX pipe-in-pipe. It can be installed with any kind of tap or shower, regardless of manufacturer and is suitable for all hot water systems, tank fed or instantaneous, such as a plate heat exchanger.

3E Flow has been developed in cooperation with authorized HVAC installers following industry standards on safe water. 3eflow technology provides benefits and savings for all stakeholders including tenants, property owners, builders and society on the whole.