How does the system work?

99% of the time the pipes are empty. When a tap is turned on, water is instantly delivered from source to tap. When a tap is turned off it is pumped back to source.


What is the difference in material and labour costs compared to installing a traditional system?

3E Flow uses less material and is quicker to fit than a conventional systems. Caverion, one of Europe’s biggest building services engineering installers, calculated 3E Flow cut installation and material cost by half . You can of course contact us if you need help calculating costs.


How quickly do the pipes fill?

Default setting, Water fills the pipe at a rate of 10 meter/seconds, but can be adjusted. an empty pipe fills very quickly.


If the system breaks down where can I get replacement parts?

Contact your supplier or alternatively contact 3E Flow and we will let you know your nearest supplier.


How easy is the system to fit?

The system uses conventional fittings like any pluming system. The only addition is fitting a tap controller at the tap and a flow controller at the manifold.


Do I need any special tools or training to install the system?

No, the system uses conventional plumbing fittings. But the fitting instructions must be followed and the system should be installed by a competent plumber.


What is the minimum standing pressure needed for the system to work?

A minimum of 3 bar is needed, if that is not achievable a booster pump can be fitted. If you need further help on your project please contact us.


What happens if there is a power failure?

If there is a power failure the system automatically reverts to working like a conventional system. When power is restored it will automatically start to work again.

When the pipe is drained were does the water go?

It goes back to source, for example a hot water storage tank or heat exchange circuit.


What happens to air in the pipe when a tap is turned on and what about water hammer?

Air in the pipe is diverted to the tap controller. The tap controller then uses the air to eliminate water hammer. The combined effect is water comes from the tap instantly and smoothly.


Why is it so difficult for Legionella to establish?

Legionella, and in fact any bacteria, need a warm, wet environment to propagate. As the pipes in the 3E Flow system are empty 99% of the time, the system is simply not satisfactory for bacterial growth or biofilm formation.


How can I get technical support?

Contact your supplier or contact 3E Flow directly.


Do I need to use any special taps or other fittings to make the system work?

No, 3E Flow can be installed on any kind of tap, mixer or shower regardless of manufacturer. It is suitable for use on both hot and cold water supply systems.


Can I install the system on hot and cold water pipes?

Yes, or you can have it on just the hot or just the cold.


What savings in water and energy can I expect to make?

This depends on the kind of installation being replaced. But, energy savings average 50% , even more if this is an air-conditioned building and water savings are as much as 80%.


Can the system be installed in large complex buildings and high-rise?

Yes, 3E Flow can be installed in all types of buildings.