Most of us are no doubt aware of the problems associated with drawing hot or cold water from the tap. You turn on the tap and have to wait some time before fully hot or cold water comes out. With 3eflow installed you get the correct temperature from the first drop, no more water and energy waste.

In the average home, this happens 9000 times per person and year.

Furthermore it only takes a short while for hot water in the pipe to cool down or cold water to warm up once the tap is turned off. This is annoying and a huge waste of energy and water. There are methods available that overcome this problem by constantly circulating hot water within the system. However, this still wastes a huge amount of energy as it constantly circulates hot water.

3eflow has developed a system that ensures pipes are empty when not in use. When the tap is opened water is supplied instantly to the spout. This means the pipes are empty 99% of the time.