Hot water instantly without energy loss

New Standard for potable water


No more waiting around for hot water. Correct temperature from the first drop.


Circulating water creates heat losses. Stop the waste with smart technology.


Energy costs for hot water cut in half. Here are examples and calculations.


About us


3eflow was founded by Erik Abbing in 2009 after 5 years of study at Luleå University of Technology for a Master of Science degree. Erik founded the company after hearing that the Californian energy department announced they were actively seeking a solution to the vast amounts of energy and water that is wasted by conventional tap water systems. For Erik, this seemed a natural challenge to undertake as his family has a long established provenance in the plumbing industry. After many years of research and development 3eflow holds several patents on the worlds first intelligent water system that tackles this problem. There are 9 people currently working with 3eflow and more patents are in the pipeline. The business model is based around the idea of selling its products to manufactures who can add value to their portfolio by incorporating 3eflow`s technology.